Lip gloss stain product review Milani, Revlon, Maybelline

Lately there has been so many commercials for different live products that are not actual lipsticks. 

For example Maybelline New York now has the elixir color sensational gloss that is as opaque as a lipstick but with the shine of a gloss and supposedly a really fantastic staying power. The two I own are in Caramel infusion which is a nude and Fuchsia flourish which is a hot pink. 
Doe foot applicator
Floral taste and smell – yuck
Opaque color
Leaves your lips stained this color after the gloss has gone
The gloss is not sticky it’s slick

Revlon now has Colorburst lip butter. Same idea supposedly extremely pigmented, long-lasting but more comfortable than a lipstick. This is a red velvet on the left and sweet tart on the right.
Super comfortable
No weird taste or smell
Regular lipstick style application
Lots of colors
Color payoff is just okay
Very moisturizing not sticky or slick
Not a lot of lasting power

Another drugstore company that honestly does have some serious gems even though some of it’s other products may not be my favorite, Milani. Milani has something similar to the two is a power lift lasting and moisturizing stain gloss. From left to right red control, macaroon and mango tango.
Click pen applicator
Top of the applicator is actually a brush
Super thick pigmented formula
Way cheaper than anybody else
Amazing lasting power
Stains lips the color
The formula does spread and a lip liner is absolutely necessary
The formula upon first application is not easily spreadable with body heat it slides around more 

Just for the record I don’t dislike lipstick but it’s really not my favorite usually I pick something that has more of a lasting finish so doesn’t end up all over my face because I really hate messing with lipliner and having to take two products with me just for lips.

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Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review

Hey everybody. Let me just say that I love Rose gold accessories. I have Rose gold  shoes, clutch, gauges (because I don’t have regular pierced ears), rings and watch. I am on the Rosegold bandwagon. Not because it’s a trend but because I genuinely like that it is different from silver or gold.

I have been putting off getting the urban decay naked 3 pallete for a really long time. I already own the naked 1 which I love. I tried 2 and the naked basics, which I bought from Ulta, and ended up returning. The naked 2 was too cool tone for me and made all the colors just look like one giant frost color. That doesn’t mean it’s not good it’s just not for me. I am an NC 35 to 42 skintone by the way in MAC or if that is not thorough enough for you I am tan even though I wear SPF 50 daily. I am Native American decent & just not good with cool tones. 
Maybe I could’ve made it work but I feel like it would’ve been a waste. The naked basics was so basic and nothing was so fantastic about it that I couldn’t justify that price either and returned it. My Sonya Kashuk neutrals pallet that I bought at target for $12 has more colors and is all matte and neutrals and does just as good of a job.

Anyway onto the naked 3 pallete review. I feel like there was enough matte and frost or shimmer shadows in it that I could do a bunch of different looks and have half of them be wearable to work and neutral while the other half would be fun for the weekends or a night out.
It wasn’t as big of a fail as naked 2 pallete, but this is definitely no naked 1. I use every single color and in naked 1. every single color!
I plan to wear it every day for about two weeks and then will decide if this is staying or going. There are some really pretty colors in it. The formulation of the shadows though is not as good as urban decay can be. Some of them are a little bit crumbly or hard to even show up. It’s almost like three of the colors are very patchy or not is pigmented as this branding usually makes their eyeshadow. It was a little disappointing but the colors that do you have a good payoff made up for it.

Strange is matte off white nothing special but good blendability and color payoff 

Dust is probably made of dust. Wow the fall out patchiness! You have to use a primer and wet brush and you’re going to have to layer it on like crazy.

Burnout is a light warm pinky color it’s really nice on and could probably double as a cheek highlight.

Limit is really smooth, easily blend all but is basically the same color as me so it doesn’t show up on me. Look at this watch you can’t even see it that’s the space it’s actually a color.

Buzz is probably the main reason why this pallet is described as the Rosegold palette. This is a very buttery, good pay off, and really metallic. It is beautiful!

Trick is pretty much a copper eyeshadow with a hint of pink in it. This would not blend or even come out of the pallet. Not kidding. Had to rub my finger in it and then on my arm to even show it. Pretty color but not a really good formulation.

Nooner is A brown no shimmer or satin at all perfect crease color with just a hint of pink in it. It’s great. Better then buck in the original pallet or MacSoft Brown. Amazing and would have bought it on it’s own

Liar is warm pewter or gray that has a lot of brown in it and is very metallic. It is very wonderful and the payoff is amazing. It looks almost like a cream shadow.

Factory is A dark brown that has a very reddish undertone and reminds me a lot of Darkhorse in the original naked palette. A really dark warm bronze. It’s really pretty but it’s so similar to something they already made.

Mugshot is also very metallic. But it’s a taupe. So it’s a little on the cool side but I don’t mind it so much. It is really creamy and has a good color payoff if you look good in taupe.

Darkside is a pearlized mauve purpleish kind of color. It’s really pretty not too metallic or shimmery but not flat. It would be great alone or as a crease for a dramatic look.

Blackheart is a matte black shadow with red flecks of glitter in it. It looks like it would be really cool but you can barely see the red flecks once it’s on. I’m not counting it as a bad mark because who can’t use a black eyeshadow but it really would’ve been fun if it looks on your skin how it does in the pallete.

Here you can see how factory is crumbling up from just touching it and above that you can see that buzz and trick are nothing like each other. Plus trick will not come out anywhere near what it looks like in the pan.

This is way better than the second eyeshadow palette urban decay made however it’s nowhere near as great as the first.

I feel like a lot of primer is going to need to be used as well as wet eyeshadow brushes and make up setting spray. I’m willing to do that but I’m so spoiled with the first pallet that I was kind of expecting better quality and more creativity of colors. It’s not a loss but I’m going to have to work a little more than I thought to make it a win.

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Tattooing my face, my love with Permanent Makeup

Did something ever happen to your eyebrows that made you super self conscious of them. You know a bad eyebrow wax? Chemo? Fire accident? Hey, you never know. I have had numerous bad things happen to my lashes and eyebrows that it was unnerving and brought me to do something I never thought I would.. tattoo my face.

Back in 2006 I couldn’t take it anymore and had an epiphany that this isn’t some ridiculous telenovela fastidious service or like some chonga who sharpie paints her eyebrows daily. You know what I mean, big, overdrawn and dramatic.

It was for everyone who was sick of doing this every morning just to look like a normal person or so that everyone you have to speak to isn’t staring at your mismatched brows or the fact that you have no brows. I bit the bullet and went in for a free consultation for my eyebrows with all of the products I used daily on my brows to recreate in front of them what I was looking for. I explained I am not into fake, I don’t highlight my hair, wear makeup daily or try to change what is really there I am only looking to enhance.

It took about 30 minutes for the consultation, to show me the portfolio and all the color options. She let me know right there and then if I wanted to do the service right now or schedule and appointment. I decided on right there and then. Don’t get me wrong this is still a tattoo, you will be red, itchy, swollen and might even bleed. It’s going to look really dark for about 3 days and it’s not going to tickle. The numbing cream only takes the edge off and it is about an hour long process, so if you have never had a tattoo or a semi painful dental visit – THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

Thankfully my hair grew back anyway and I didn’t need the permanent makeup as badly as I once did. However, I loved the look of it. Nicely defined and polished brows were such a perk especially since I am too lazy to wear make up daily.

You cannot wear make up after this, you cannot go in the sun, the pool etc. IT’S A TATTOO. Don’t forget this is A TATTOO. You have to take care of it like one. You will need it to be touched up because it will fade and if you don’t go to a reputable place it might turn a weird color over time. Yep, that’s what happened to me. After two years I had orange pink brows. This was then

I went back to my Anastasia brow wiz pencil and brow gels until I could get an artist who has good ink and a good hand. everyone assured me it was all in my head and it’s not noticeable etc. lol yea okay.

If you are in the south Florida area this girl will come to you and is extremely talented. I liked her work so much I had top eyeliner done just to enhance the thickness of my lashes. 

When I came back from having my brows done the difference was instant and amazing. It itches, it wasn’t painless (like a 4 from 1 – 10) but it was worth it. This is right after.

This is 3 days after. 

It’s an investment in myself I will never regret because I love how it looks and how I can go without makeup and not be self conscious of my face.

I truly believe in permanent makeup and I have a totally different outlook on it. If you have even considered it go to as many consultations as possible. Ask them if you can sit in with them or see their portfolio, if you have a good artist you will have a good experience. 


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Pernil Pork Roast… A Christmas Story

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! It’s that time of year where we are scrambling between buying and wrapping presents, trying to look cute for holiday photos and figuring out how to cook something for 8-20 people. It’s like I am never ready for this even though I know when it’s coming every year.

So I have my tried and true recipe that feeds 20 people or feeds 8 people with left overs for a killer sandwich. My mom’s parents were super old school Hispanics and I had lived with them for most of my childhood. This wasn’t something we only ate on Christmas, it was something we ate every two months. As my grandma got older, I became more in charge of this, until she wasn’t around anymore. I’m now the only female left in my family that knows how to make this. With my eyes closed might I add.

I promise it’s easy. It’s a little time consuming but not worse than turkey is. You will be eating something amazing and be able to make one hell of a Cuban sandwich the next day that will also make you locally famous. Or at least something your family begs you to make for all the next social gatherings!

Keep in mind you will need two days to do this. The first day is for prep and marinade where it will stay all day in it’s roasting pan covered. The next day is for cooking. You will need to cook it 30-45 minutes per pound. So a 6lb pork should will take 4.5 hours.

So here we go, pernil aka pork roast a lo caribbeño.

Garlic (whole cloves or pre-minced is okay)
Black Pepper
Green Sofrito
Olive Oil
White Vinegar
White Onions
Sour Orange Marinade
Meat Thermometer

You want to combine these 7 ingredients in a bowl to make the marinade:
minced up garlic about 3 tablespoons ,
salt 3 tablespoons ,
olive oil 1/3 cup,
black pepper 1 tablespoon ,
oregano 3 tablespoons,
sour orange marinade 1/4 cup
white vinegar 1/4 cup

*yes you can also buy adobo/mojo but you will need to separately purchase the sour orange marinade, onions, garlic and sofrito*

Set aside some of garlic, all the onions and sofrito.

Take your pork shoulder and run it under cold water, then pat it try. Put it in the roasting pan (disposable is fine). Now you want to take a pretty decent sized knife and make slits all over it. About 1 inch wide and 2 inches deep should be good. There is no rhyme or reason to the pattern of the slits, just go. Make 20 -30. 

With a teaspoon or a turkey baster, you are going to take some of the green sofrito and fill the slits with it. Place a little bit of extra garlic into each of the slits whether its minced or a whole clove. When you fill it all up you are going to take the marinade and rub it all over the pork shoulder.

Cut up your onion into thin round slices. This will go on the pork later on.

Now we are going to put plastic wrap over the top and let it sit in the refrigerator until tomorrow. Make sure you have enough room in the fridge before any of this. 

The next day, take it out of the fridge one hour before cooking. Make sure you do not need the over for the next 4 – 8 hours depending on how big your shoulder is. Put two cups of water in the roasting pan. Cover it with foil or the top of the roasting pan.

After two hours of cooking, uncover it and baste it with the juices. KEEP IT UNCOVERED AND ADD THE SLICED ONIONS ON TOP. I just take a big spoon and pour it over the shoulder. Then every 30 minutes go back and baste it until the cooking time is over.

When the cooking time is done take your thermometer and place it deep in the shoulder without touching the bone. The juices should run clear and it should say 185 – 195 degrees. Let it rest at least 15 minutes before cutting it up and serving. 

If you have left over marinade you can leave some in a little gravy dish with your roasted onions for those who might like a wetter textured pernil. 

I promise this is fool proof. I just set a timer every half hour on my iPhone and do other things like get the house ready and do my hair, nails and make up.

It will be a hit. I hope you had a great year.


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DIY Hair, Nails, Beauty and why it’s good for you

I don’t know about you guys, but I love me some DIY. Doesn’t matter if its beauty, home stuff, holidays or food. I love it. And guess what? Neuroscience now shows that this is actually good for you because you are now forced to plan out how, what and when. It’s neuroplasticity or basically exercise for your brain to make you a better problem solver. It’s a plus to the whole experience.

For me its about being picky. I like looking at things and altering them to fit my style or my lifestyle more. I use blogger, you tube, pinterest and google. I am infinitely curious aside from picky which makes this experience almost unstoppable once the launch sequence starts. I will be in a store, like Target for example, and see something I sort of like but not completely. I wonder to myself, can I spray paint it? Dye it? Add something to it? I’d read how others had gone before me, I was inspired, and had the desire to learn how to dye shoes, make terrariums, refinish furniture, try beauty treatments.

In the process believe it or not I came to find out things about myself that I never really knew until now. I came to realize how much I don’t like certain shades of red but that there are other ones I adore. That I can tweak things I find or inherit and make them my own and really enjoy myself while I am working on my little project big or small. The sense of accomplishment and productivity I feel just really does it for me. I know I can go buy lavender jeans, but it was way more fun to do it myself and the color was specific to what I was after. Perfect for me.

When I read about other creatives using their hands to build something amazing, I can’t help but feel admiration. Not everyone has the time, inclination, or skill to take on major DIY projects, and that’s totally understandable. However, I truly believe it can be learned because I do not consider myself an artist or a carpenter or anything like that, I only consider myself to be determined and confident in myself.

Let’s talk about what else this accomplishes. Remember, it all started with beauty (hair, nails, treatments, makeup) and how I would like things but wish I could change them just a little bit so I was never 100% satisfied with most things I would buy or have done. So it has satisfied my being a pain in the ass and if I don’t like something I only have myself to blame plus it keeps me entertained and brain function healthy. Awesome. But it has save a TON of money. No. I’m not kidding. And I’m not really all that high maintenance mostly because things would cost more than what I thought they were worth.

The break down by hair, nails, skin on a monthly scale.

Cut $25 + tip every 4 – 6 weeks = $30
Glossing Treatment/ Deep conditioning $ 15 + tip every 4 – 6 weeks or more = $ 17
Color/ Highlights/ Ombre/ Retouch $35 – 55 + tip every 6 – 8 weeks = $ 45+

$92 – 102 month

Manicure every two weeks: $10 + tip = $12
Pedicure every two weeks: $22 + tip = $26
If you have French add $5 per
Gel Manicure every two weeks if you prefer $25 + tip = 28

$86 – 96 month

Eyebrow wax every two weeks: $10 + tip= $12
Upper lip wax every two weeks: $10 + tip= $12
Facial treatments every month:  $75 + tip= $80

$128 month or $ 48 month if no facial

$226 a month on the low end = $2,712 a year
$326 a month on the high end = $3,912 a year

This is WITHOUT things like eyelash extensions which is another $100 a month or LED photofacial treatments or acrylic nails. No extra special trimmings

That’s insane. I know what it’s like to be looking at an LED manicure machine that is $70 for the kit and you think to yourself well what if I suck at this or is that too much? No, no its not. You will learn how to use it and it will be fun and I have had mine for almost two years and still haven’t ran out. I spent $70 instead of $1,152. The second year the machine didn’t cost me anything. I figured out a way to still use all my old nail polish and watch you tube for new design ideas. I get compliments on my nails every week from strangers. It’s become a pampering experience for me to DIY.
I bought a wax kit at Sally’s beauty. Watched a lot of you tube read a lot of blogs on it. I even wax my arms (not under arm) now instead of shave. That’s definitely a luxury I never could have afforded before.

DIY hair cuts I understand are not for everyone but a trim can be. If I wanted a major change I don’t know that I would tackle it myself. But highlights, a trim or a deep conditioning yes I would and I do. And I do it more often than I used to get it done because it is not nearly as expensive as it once was.

I know that DIY beauty can seem just as intimidating a reupholstering a couch but I promise you it really isn’t and that with enough instruction you really can do it too. It will be worth your while .


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Extensions, lashes, Latisse and Mascara who to skip and who to try

Lash extensions, latisse and fiber mascaras are all competing with each other. Everyone claims to be the best and most convenient way to get you bigger, thicker and longer lashes.

I have fed into the hype. I have tried all there is to try. There are pros and cons with everything so its up to what you think is best for you. Here we go.

“Lash growing” serums and potions are from low to high end. The only one that works is Latisse and yes it works. It gives you more lashes and longer lashes, but not thicker and if they don’t curl now they wont with Latisse. You may have itchy eyes the entire time, I did.

Pros: long lashes, more lashes, works within a week, works on eyebrows
Cons: makes your eyes itch, not thicker lashes, makes your eye color darker (browner even if you have blue eyes), lashes fall out if you stop using it, its $100 a tiny bottle.

Fiber mascaras, whether its Too Faced Better Than False Lashes or Loreal Voluminous Fiber Mascara they flake off. Essentially, a sandwich of mascara lint and mascara. The lint eventually flakes off and not all of it so you have random black hairs on your face. It looks really nice for a few hours or in photos. It’s just not an all day thing and only works for top lashes.

Pros: really dark and thicker lashes, cheaper than Latisse, washes off
Cons: flakes off, doesn’t last all day, not sold separately so you will always have more of one than the other.

 Lash extensions (silk, mink, novalash) look amazing 24/7. They look real, full, fluffy and no need for mascara. I go back to them constantly because of convenience, honestly. It really does things mascara cannot do. The kardashian girl’s don’t have better eye makeup than everyone else, it’s lash extensions. Glycol an ingredient in many face washes, makeup and makeup removers will easily start breaking down the glue. 

Pros: looks natural, stays on for weeks, makes eyes look done constantly
Cons: it’s not cheap, you have to be careful how you sleep and wash your face, finding a good lash technician is trial and error. 

If you are in the area this is the girl to see 561-735-2794 at Atelier Boutique for amazing affordable lashes.
Personally for me the extensions are the way to go aside from just regular mascara. I think that latisse would be perfect for someone with shortly curly lashes and fiber mascara if you lived in colder weather than I do!
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How To Get A Quicker Blow Dry

Hey, cupcakes! So I don’t ever blow out my hair. Mostly because there is a lot of it and I’m lazy. Recently, the flu has been rampant where I live and even though I have the vaccine and am an avid handwasher I don’t want to chance anything. So, I have been trying to keep my hair dry to not give myself a chill or anything like that.

My hair is naturally straight and untreated but extremely long. This is what takes so long plus the feeling of something heavy and damp on you is just annoying.

I have tried all the drug store products to “help cut down blow dry time”. No. Awful, sticky, smells chemically or plain doesn’t work. The only thing that works at my local CVS for this dilemma is a turbie towel. I know it sounds gimmicky but I swear this helps take a lot of the moisture out of my hair!

“The original. Stays in place! Microfiber. Twist and loop. Less blow drying! Better than a bath towel! Turbie Twist is the original super absorbent hair towel. Its unique twist and loop systems makes it the hair towel that stays in place. The Turbie Twist features a tapered design which allows for a perfect fit for all head sizes. Made with 100% Microfiber, the Turbie Twist is functional, comfortable and lightweight! Features of the Turbie Twist: Super absorbent microfiber. One size fits all. Twist and loop system. Lightweight. Machine washable. Tapered design fits all head sizes. Elastic loop stays in place. Unique pocket holds extra long hair. Great for kids and adults! Easy as 1, 2, 3. Place. Twist. Loop.” Yep, it’s all true I hate to admit because infomercials annoy me to no end.

This cut the drying time to 40 minutes. Better than 2 hours but still could be better. On to higher end products. I tried the 3 supposedly best known KMS free shape, Kenra Platinum blow dry mist, and Paul Mitchell Express Style quick slip.

Okay, lets start with KMS Free Shape. Almost 7 oz for $17.00 and its a spray form.

Pros: smells is good not chemically or anything. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy or anything.
Cons: almost no difference in the amount of blow dry time. possibly shaved off 5 minutes at best. meh

It could have been worse, but for $17.00 I was hoping to have my socks rocked. Not so much.

Onto, Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Mist which came highly recommended by the chicks at Ulta. It is 3.4oz for $22.00. Holy! This better be amazing.

Pros: doesn’t smell like anything, easy to use as a spray, dries my hair in 12 minutes!!! What!?!
Cons: makes my hair feel so dirty and almost like its being coated by a film or something similar to product build up eww, expensive as hell, first time I ever saw my hair smoke…hmmm.
It works, but it’s expensive and it makes your hair feel gross so you in turn wash it more and need this more. Almost like rain-x in a bottle. It’s repelling water off of you literally.

Last, Paul Mitchell Express Style Quick Slip. It is 5.1 oz and $13.00 also got this at Ulta after returning the Kenra disaster. Cheaper, but not cheap.

Pros: a little goes a long way (2 pumps for 3 ft of hair), dried my hair in 20 minutes, adds shine and is a heat protector.
Cons: its a cream form so its up to you to evenly distribute it, it’s faster but not crazy fast, smells a little like Elmer’s glue.
It was the best out of the three. Not because it was the best but because the pros and cons were the ones I could live with most. Honestly, the best investment in all of this was the $7 Turbie Towel from CVS! LOL! Who would’ve thought?


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