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Milani Bella eyes gel powder eyeshadow review and how to depot

I was at my local CVS the other day just looking around when I found a new product from Milani cosmetics. Who I already loved by the way for their lipsticks and eyeshadow crayons. The new Bella eyes gel powder

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DIY Hair, Nails, Beauty and why it’s good for you

I don’t know about you guys, but I love me some DIY. Doesn’t matter if its beauty, home stuff, holidays or food. I love it. And guess what? Neuroscience now shows that this is actually good for you because¬†you are

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How To Get A Quicker Blow Dry

Hey, cupcakes! So I don’t ever blow out my hair. Mostly because there is a lot of it and I’m lazy. Recently, the flu has been rampant where I live and even though I have the vaccine and am an

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