TCA Peel 24% review

Hi guys. So I have been getting TCA peel since I was 22 which was many many moons ago. I get them about twice a year for a little over a decade now.

The first time was of course the scariest time because I really wasn’t totally sure what to expect and I did have it done at a dermatology office for the first few years. After that I had it done at a med spa where the aesthetician who originally did my peels moved to.
The first feel I ever got was 15% and I definitely did peel but as the years passed and my skin was used to TCA peel what I did was increase the percentage. The strongest peel I ever had done was a 30 % and that was done at a dermatology office to about six years ago. I was going through a bout of brown spots, clogged pores, and fine lines. I looked terrible for about 10 days but it totally worked. I’m now comfortable at about a 20 to 24%.
So I’m reviewing the make up artist choice TCA 24% peel. When I used it for was the brown sunspots I always get on my face and the texture of the skin I have under my eyes and on the top of my cheeks. I live in Florida so it’s really hard to stay out of the sun as religious as I am with sunscreen.

I really like make up artist choice TCA peel and no they didn’t pay me for this I did all this with my own money and my own research. I put on the appeal after washing my face and drying it well. I then neutralized with a 50-50 mixture of baking soda and water after I saw my skin “frost” which is what you want. Thewhole  process takes about four minutes literally. You don’t want it on your face very long.
This was the next morning after the peel and you can see the spots where it’s starting to crust over, scab up and then peel off. I wore SPF 50 with a physical oxide sunscreen in it.

This was five days later. Still using sunscreen still being really careful with my face.

This is after the full 10 days. Still wearing sunscreen and still plan to wear sunscreen way after the healing process is done. I am constantly fighting with the spots and I know they will eventually be back but I am trying to prevent that for as long as possible.

I think that TCA peel can be very helpful for certain skin problems that are mild to moderate and for someone who will be religiously wearing sunscreen and careful with their face. It really is worth it and yes it does sting and you don’t look great for a week and a half. However, the whole process only takes a few minutes and the results are very worth it to me.


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