How to wax your own eyebrows! Yes you!

I have been waxing my own eyebrows now four years. If you are wondering why check out my blog about carminic make up tattooed eyebrows. Yes I have permanent make up. It was necessary after I was waxed at the mall and half of my eyebrow was taken off! The $9 nail salon brow wax was not a deal!

So I bought my waxer at Sally beauty supply. It’s just the basic waxer with the basic GG wax. I have tried to use the other waxes but I don’t really see a difference or sometimes they are less effective. For example the sensitive skin wax really was such a pain in the butt! Stick to regular hard wax that requires no cloth strips, it’s about a $50 investment and has lasted me for years.
Once my eyebrows finally grew back in, I consider myself to have someone sick eyebrows. I like the look of thick, strong eyebrows. So I do everything I can to maintain them to keep a very sharp shape while still being thick.
Things you will need:
Cotton balls
Waxing wooden sticks
Waxer with wax
Eyebrow comb
Step one.

Use an eyebrow comb or an old mascara wand to brush your eyebrows up and place them how you would more or less like them to be. The comb is so that you can see any stray hairs that might need to be trimmed. Trim is you need to but don’t go too short.

Step 2.

Dust powder on your eyebrows and where you will be waxing. For me I just use loose powder and I dusted in between my eyebrows above my eyebrows and below my eyebrows. This is so the hair and the skin are not one with the wax.

Step three.

This may take a little bit of time and practice. You want to gather the wax on the wooden applicator and you don’t want it to be too hot or it will be too liquidy. You want it to have a thick pudding consistency. Work with one section at a time and in the direction the hair grows.

Step four.
Wait for the wax to harden. Then you want to pull your skin taught and peel it of quickly in the opposite way hair grows. Usually that means pulling towards the center of your face.
Step five. 
Pluck any strays and you are done! See you did it!  

Step six.
Clean up with a toner that has salicylic acid in it to prevent break outs.


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