How to wear RED Jeans

So recently I did a haul at Charlotte Russe. The colored denim was BOGO $10! 

I even bought extra white pairs to dye them. Check out my color of the year Radiant Orchid dyed jeans in my last post.
Awesome, right? I love them.
So I bought red jeans among other colors but honestly the red seemed the most versatile.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest 

Here’s why.
1. Good for all seasons (unlike coral or turquoise)
2. Compliments most skintones.
3. Works with many looks ( work, prep, night out, concert, grocery store )
Here’s a more work appropriate/preppy look but I also wear the jeans with my band shirts and Chuck Taylor’s.
The shirt is from Love Culture which you can buy here
The accessories are from Charming Charlie. Except the statement necklace I did semi DIY. You can check that out on my last post too.


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